Tata Registers 4 New Names – Styzor, Bovita, Auroar, Xiomara

10:20 AM May 09, 2022 | Amit Sharma

Tata Motors has announced to have 10 electric vehicles by 2025-26. The company has recently unveiled two new electric concepts – the Curvv and the Avinya. While the former is based on Gen 2 platform that underpins both EVs & ICE, the Avinya is based on the Gen 3 – the skateboard platform for EV only. The Curvv based SUV will arrive by 2024, while the Avinya is expected to be launched in 2025.

Tata Motors has also announced to launch 2 new electric vehicles based on existing ICE cars. These models will be launched before the end of 2023. Tata Motors had trademarked the Curvv and the Sliq names. Now, the company has filed 4 new names – Tata Styzor, Tata Bovita, Tata Auroar and Tata Xiomara.

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The new names were filed by Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle division. It is expected that these names could be used for the upcoming electric cars.

Tata Future EVs

Tata Motors will launch the electric version of the Altroz hatchback before the end of this financial year. It is also expected that the company is working on a Punch based micro electric SUV. The Puch based EV is likely to arrive in 2023.

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Tata Motors will also launch the Curvv electric SUV Coupe in 2024. The company has also announced that the Curvv based petrol and diesel SUVs will also arrive after the introduction of the electric vehicle. The Tata Curvv based EV is expected to offer a range of over 400kms on a single charge.

The Tata Avinya previews the brand’s future design direction as well as platform for the future EVs. The GEN 3 platform is claimed to be flexible and can accommodate different body styles – SUVs, sedans, crossover and hatchback.

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